This page is all about the show Chobits.  

Chobits is basically taking place in a time where everyone owns a Persocom.  In short, a Persocom is a human computer so to speak.  A man named Hideki Motosuwa has just moved into the city from the country to start Prep School.  He wants a Persocom just like everyone else, so he can of coarse recieve emails, surf the web, online shopping, and of coarse his main goal is INTERNET PORN.  Apparently his magazines aren't doing it for him probably.  Unfortunatley he cannot afford one.  His hopes are later realized when he finds an adorable Persocom lying in the trash.  He takes her home and decides to try and find out how she works.  Once he turns her on all she can say is "Chi" so therefore, he names her Chi.  Apparently, Chi has no data yet she is able to function.  It has fallen upon Hideki to teach Chi everything she would need to know.  Chi isn't exactly the best when it comes to common sense, but that's why she's learning isn't it?  It's even harder due to the fact Hideki barely knows a thing about computers.  WhiIe becomes apparent that Chi is a custom model from the Chobit series.  Chobits are supposedly amazing Persocoms unlike any others.  In any event she will be able to function like normal Persocoms, if Hideki buys her software, which of coarse, he cannot afford.  But perhaps some dark secrets surround Chi, and who built her, and of coarse where she came from.  Only one can watch and wait to unveil the secret of the Chobits.          

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                              Below is a list of characters from CHOBITS

    •  Hideki Motosuwa- An 18 year old boy who wants a Persocom.  He finds Chi and is burdened to teach her everything she needs to know.  He collects playboy magazines and goes to a prep school to prepare for college.  He was first seen on a farm rejected from the college of his choice.  
    • Chi-A Persocom found by Hideki.  She has no data and Hideki cannot afford any.  She has Ivory hair and Amber eyes.  She spends her time learning new things from Hideki and working in a pastry shop.  She usually copies the poses from Hideki's magazines.  She even  immitates the actions other people do, especially Hideki.  She is my absolute favorite character, mainly because she is soooooo CUTE ^^.    
    • Sumomo- The Persocom of Hiromu Shimbo.  She is one of the smaller Models, she can basically fit in the palm of your hand.  This is mainly because she is a Laptop version of Persocoms.  She is installed with many apps and data.  She is extremely loyal to her owner and will do anything he asks.  She is upbeat, in fact, every morning for her and her owner starts with Wakey-Wakey Exercises.  She tries her best to have a positive attitude.  She is probably one of the characters as cute as Chi. 
    • Hironmu Shimbo- Shimbo is the owner of Sumomo and best friend to Hideki.  He usually helps Hideki when he has a question about Persocoms.  Shimbo is a very loyal friend.  In fact, He gave Hideki the address of a person who could help Hideki with Chi to Hideki for the things he(Shimbo) cannot figure out.
    • Minoru Kokobunji- A young boy who is an expert on Persocoms.  When Shimbo can't help, this is the person Hideki goes to for help with Chi.  Minoru has many custom persocoms, but his favorite is a Persocom named Yuzuki.  Yuzuki was modeled after his older sister.  His older sister's fate is unknown. 
    • Yuzuki- Minoru's favorite Persocom.  She is modeled after Minoru's older sister.  She is an extremely advanced Persocom and Minoru cares deeply for her. 
    • Chitose Hibiya- The Landlady of the apartment Hideki lives in.  She always takes care of him and Chi.  In fact, she is the one who taught Chi how to bathe, and gave her her first set of clothes and still does, and helped Chi when she ran out of power.  She is really nice and caring, and i think she may have some sort of past with Chi. 
    • Takaku Shimizu- Hideki's teacher.  She teaches obviously at the Prep School Hideki and Shimbo attend.  She originally wanted to teach Elementary  school.  She is nice and kind and strict when she needs to be.  She never misses a chance to mess with her students.  She plays a small role in the beginning but plays a bigger role later on.
    • Hirayasu Ueda- The owner of the bakery Chi works in.  He also plays a small role but i feel he will have a bigger part later on. 
    • Yumi Omura- A young girl who works at "My Pleasure" with Hideki.  She is the owner's daughter.  She seems to get depressed when people talk about Persocoms.  Perhaps she had a bad experience with one.    
    • Mysterious Girl- Her name is unknown.  She is a myserious girl looking identical to Chi.  She asks Chi if Hideki is the one for her.  Any further details are unknown.           

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