Darker than BLACK

 This page is all about the show Darker than BLACK

For starters, title=Awesome, but the plot is even better.  In Japan there were 2 mysterious gates, Heaven's Gate and Hell's Gate.  Apparently Heaven's gate was destroyed and now Hell's Gate is outside Japan.  The creation of the two gates, certain people have obtained special powers, these people are known as CONTRACTORS.  When a CONTRACTOR uses his/her power there are 2 things you should know, 1.Their bodies are outlined with a blue glow, and their eyes glow red.  But their powers come with a price, literally.  Every CONTRACTOR has a different PRICE, this PRICE is basically an action they must do for using their power, for example smoking, or eating, etc.  It is said that CONTRACTORS possess no emotions at all and never dream.  There are also beings known as DOLLS, emotionless humans that create SPECTERS.  The DOLL must be touching something like water or clothing, etc. and a SPECTER will appear wherever the object(Water, clothes, etc.)is.  The police hunt the CONTRACTORS in secret and one officer, Misaki Kirihara, is particularly trying to find the CONTRACTOR BK-201, the BLACK REAPER.  His name is really Hei and he is part of a team employed by a secret group known as THE SYNDICATE,  The SYNDICATE also specializes in hunting CONTRACTORS, specific ones, among other things, and has many teams worldwide, but there is no unity among them, the other teams sometimes try to take each other out, regardless, the SYNDICATE is still a mystery.  Hei is on a team with another contractor named Mao, a Doll named YIN, and their supervisor, a human, Huang.  Hei seems to be completely devoted  to being an assassin for the SYNDACITE, but he also hopes to find answers for his past, a past long forgotten, what happened to Heaven's Gate? and his sister, Pai? 

Below are a list of Characters from Darker than BLACK

  1. Li Shengshun- Li seems like an ordinary guy(Despite the excessive amount of food he eats.)Li is pretty much your friendly neighbor who would never hurt a fly,  But, funny thing, Li isn't his real name, his real name is Hei, and he is a CONTRACTOR known as BK-201, the BLACK REAPER, an assassin for the SYNDICATE. (For more Read Hei)
  2. Hei-An assassin known as the Black Reaper.  Hei is the contractor known as BK-201 with power over electricity.  He works for the SYNDICATE with Mao, Yin, and Huang.  Unlike most contractors, Hei  seems to actually have feelings, and he can use his power without a PRICE.  Hei seeks to find answers to his past, what happened to Heaven's Gate?  Where is Pai?  He also seems to have feelings for his teammate YIN. 
  3. Yin-A DOLL whose power activates when she touches water.  She works in a store and gives Hei materials for his missions.  Yin seems like an ordinary old DOLL(assuming emotionless humans are normal.), but one needs only to look closer and they will see she is not.  She seems to care deeply for Hei. 
  4. Mao-A CONTRACTOR trapped in a Cat's body due to an accident.   Luckily because of that, Mao doesn't have a price anymore.  He wears a link on his ear so he doesn't loose his human half.  He also wears a collar around his neck with a bell, the bell acts as a communication devise.  Mao seems to have feelings as well, maybe that whole CONTRACTORS have no feelings was exaggerated a bit. 
  5. Huang-The only human on Hei's team, but he is Hei,Mao,and Yin's superior.  The SYNDICATE gives him orders, and he gives them to his team.  Huang hates CONTRACTORS, and used to be a police officer.  He is usually seen smoknig cigarettes. 
  6. Misaki Kirihara-The Chief of Police, inn a division that hunts contractors.  She is particularly trying to find BK-201.  She puts her job above all else. 
  7. November 11-A CIA agent who is also a CONTRACTOR.  He has power over Ice and the PRICE he pays is smoking. 
  8. Amber-A mysterious girl with ties to Hei's past.  She can control time, but each time she does she gets younger.  
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Regrettably, i am unable to find the ending song for Darker than BLACK comet of the Gemini, to whoever it may interest, it is called From Dusk till Dawn by Abingdon School Boys.   

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