This Page is all about the show Elfen Lied.

Elfen Lied is about a girl named Lucy.  Lucy is a genetically altered human who was under watch from the government(Yet another reason why the Gov't totally pisses me off).  Anyway, Lucy one day after killing the two guards that were watching her, escapes from captivity and basically goes on a killing spree, with an unknown weapon.  Once she finally gets outside she is shot, and the helmet on her head breaks off and she falls off of a cliff into the sea.  Later on we catch up to two other main characters Kouta and Yuka, who later encounter Lucy on the Beach.  Now after seeing what had just happened, you would think Lucy would kill Kouta and Yuka right then and there, but she doesn't.  As a matter of fact she just begins to cry.  This is strictly of because the shot she received gave her amnesia.  Or rather just split her personality.  She doesn't remember a thing, and in addition to that, SHE ACTS LIKE A THREE YEAR OLD, which admittedly is extremely cute.  At first when she encounters Kouta and Yuka, all she can say is Nyuu, so they decide to call her Nyuu.  You'd think that this is just going to become one of those perverted animes with no intentional story line, but rest assured, Nyuu will not take up the whole show, Lucy will rise again!!! 

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Below is a list of Characters from Elfen Lied.  

Nyuu-One of the main characters.  Nyuu is a cute and adorable girl who doesnt understand anything, and basically all she can say is "Nyuu" which is basically the reason she is called Nyuu, but don't let it fool you, under that cute exterior is a very vicious killer, but there is a heart in there. 

Lucy-Another form of Nyuu, this is who Nyuu really is.  She has a special weapon called Vectors that can stretch up to 2 meters.  She may seem like a cold blooded killer, but trust me, there is more to her than meets the eye. 

Kouta-A boy who finds Nyuu on the beach.  He is cousins with Yuka, and together thay take care of Nyuu and make sure noone finds her.  Kouta's family is dead except for his cousin.  It is said that his dad died in a car accident while his sister died of a disease.  But perhaps there is a bit more to his family's death. 

Yuka-Kouta's cousin.  While Yuka is Kouta's cousin there is no denying the fact that she is in love with Kouta.  I think she knows more about the deaths of Kouta's family than Kouta does.  But how?

Mayu-A girl who ran away from home.  Her best friend is a dog named Wanta.  Mayu and Wanta share a very close bond. 

Nana-A young girl almost as powerful as Nyuu.  She refers to the man who is responsible for her and Nyuu as "Papa" since he has always given her guidance.  Her mission was to fine Lucy and bring her back to the government. 

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