This page is all about Spice And Wolf

This anime is taking place in a period in time where the people have believed they have been forsaken by the Wise Wolf Holo.  That being said people have also forgotten about Holo.  But they hold a festival once a year for, whoever harvests the wheat last have to reenact being Holo, and be locked in a room for the rest of the day.  One day, a merchant named Lawrence returned to that small town to meet an old acquaintance.    Unfourtunatley for him, it was her turn to be Holo this year.  At night Lawrence heard something in his cart.  He saw a young girl underneath the fur he had planned to market off.  When he ordered her to get up he noticed she had a tail and wolf ears coming out of her head.  The girl let out a howl.  It became apparent that the girl was an incarnation of Holo, the Wise Wolf.  Lawrence demanded proof that the girl was Holo, and when she proved it to him he cowered in fear and she ran away.  Later on  that night, having believed it never happened, he was shocked to once again see Holo.  The next day Lawrence agreed to take Holo to the North, where she wishes to go, on the condition that she pays for her expenses.  Will they reach the North?  I have to admit the two are an odd pair.  What will they face on their journey.    

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                           Below is a list of characters from Spice And Wolf

  1.  Holo-Main character.  A long time ago she made a contract to help the wheat harvest.  Due to certain events, people believe she has betrayed them.  She is known as the Wise Wolf and is currently travling in a human form.  She travels with a man named Lawrence who is taking her to the North.  
  2. Lawrence-The 2nd main character.  He is a merchant.  He is taking Holo to the North, but is making her pay for her expenses.  He is also teaching her about marketing.  He and Holo don't always see eye to eye, but theres a deep connection between the two. 
  3. Chloe- One of Lawrence's closest friends.  She is also a merchant.  Lawrence met her through heer father, at least that's what I think.  But i think dark secrets surround this girl.       
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