This page is all about the anime "Witchblade".


The best way to start describing this show is to quote some of it's first lines.

-"Long sought by the greed of men, but bestowed only upon the women whose fate it forever scars....the Witchblade!  Righteous sword of God?  Or hand of the Devil himself?  A new bearer finds out seeking the balance between ecstasy and ruin." 

Our main character "Masane Amaha" bears "the Witchblade"  and she works for the mysterious "Doji Group" that has her running around destroying rouge weapons of theirs called "Ex-Cons."  Masane does this for only two reasons.  1. The Witchblade creates an alter-ego for herself, one that cannot resist fighting.  and 2.  For her daughter "Rihoko" the one thing in her life she has actually done right, in her eyes.  This takes place 6 years after Japan has suffered a massive earthquake known as "The Great Quake"  causing Japan to be in a post-apocalyptic state.  What secrets will be uncovered about the Witchblade and the Great Quake?   

                              Below is a list of characters from "Witchblade"

  1. Masane Amaha- The Witchblade's chosen wielder.  She was caught in the center of "the Great Quake" but managed to survive.  She had no memories prior to the "Quake."  She was found amongst ruined buildings with her newborn baby, now known as "Rihoko".  She remembered nothing, not even her name.  If it wasn't for a maternity diary she carried, she wouldn't even know Rihoko was her daughter.  6 years later she tries to live a life with her daughter, the one thing in her life she feels shes done right.  In this mother daughter relationship, her 6 year old daughter acts more like the parental figure.  While Masane wields the Witchblade, she fears what it will do to her and Rihoko.  The residents in her building usually refer to her as "Mellanie".   
  2. Rihoko Amaha-  Masane's daughter.  She acts more like the parental figure in this bizzare mother daughter relationship.  She is an excellent cook and is very capable of doing things herself.  But, in any event, she wants nothing more than to lead a life with her mother.  Occasionally she is reffered to as "Rico".   
  3. Reiji Takayama-  One of the directors of the illusive "Doji Group."  A secretive weapons company.  Though he seems to have a particular intrest in, and extensive knowledge of the Witchblade.  He employs Masane and pays her handsomely when she destroys an Ex-Con.  Though the two don't typically see eye to eye, there in this for the long haul.       
  4. Hiroki Segawa- The right hand man to Reiji Takayama.  He's very loyal and thorough.  He does his best to help Masane when he can, though is not a fan of hard work.  Though he is the right hand guy for Takayama, should someone get above Takayama, Hiroki would join them. 
  5. Yuuske Tozawa- A freelance photographer who sells crime scene photos.  He lives in the same building as Masane and "Rico."  He has recently become aware of the existance of the "Ex-Cons" and Masane's other self.  He will stop at nothing to get his scoop. 
  6. Mr. Cho- Another resident in Masane and Rico's building.  He's basically your average perverted old man.  But somehow is great with computers.  He adores Rico and is rather fond of "Mellanie".
  7. Michael-Another resident in Masane and Rico's  building......thats pretty much it. 
  8. NAoMI-The reason i wrote her name like this is because she is very particular about her name.  (Nah-OH-Me) not (NOW-ME), as most people usually say.  She's a fortune teller who's really shy and probabally has some social anxiety.  She talks rarely and most times it's to cry or say what she reads in the sticks.  Fortune telling sticks.   
  9. Mariko Natsuki-The landlady at Masane and Rico's building.  She runs a tight ship but will be lenient at times.  She hangs one of Tozawa's pictures behind her bar, the picture he took of the city after the great quake.  She wishes Tozawa will quit doing his Crime Scene freelance photos and take more pictures like that one.  Thought they fight, and no matter how much she denies it, she cares for Masane and Rico. 
  10. Tatsuoki Furumizu-The founder of "The Child Welfare Center."  And CEO of NSWF, which is the wellfare center, but he specializes in it's deep dark secrets.  Nicknamed "Father" he along with others, is interested in the Witchblade.  His true motives are unknown.  
  11. Reina Soho-One of "Father's" "Daughters."  She is called a "Neo-Gene" and wields a weapon called a "Clone Blade" which is similar to the Witchblade.  She is one of but many "Sisters".  She is also known as "Lady", little is known about her as well.   
  12. Nora-  Father's assistant.  Little is known about her.              
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